00549 – Berlin | Friedrichstadt Palast

00549 – Berlin | Friedrichstadt Palast

City: Berlin
Country: DDR

Friedrichtstadt Palast Berlin view on the River Spree side.

Circus Salamonsky / Circus Renz / Circus Albert Schumann / Markthallenzirkus / Friedrichstadt Palast | Berlin, Germany

Extra information:

Prior to being converted into a theatre this building actually was the Markthallen Circus (Market Halls converted into a circus) that was owned before by Renz and Schumann. The street name “Am Zirkus” translated ‘At the Circus’ is still in use. It is located very near to the current location of the Friedrichstadt Palast, build on the place where after WWII the Circus Barlay building stood.

Postcard Circusbuilding Variety building Friedrichstadt Palast Berlin, Germany